04 April 2012

St. Petersburg

All the charm of northern Baltic city.
Walking in the chilly air, sometimes under snow and rain, less frequently under sunshine - bright, but not warm.

Looking on all the ice covering rivers and canals - I think I have never seen so much ice before (not counting the ice in Baltic sea last May).

Getting really tired of being cold, starting to doubt that the spring will ever come.
Not using the Internet for 10 days (almost; I did check my iStock balance and weather forecast, and wrote one blog post).
Shopping (as you've probably understood, weather was not very suitable for outdoor activities).
Doing indoor photoshoots.

Drinking hot tea all the time.
Eating out (we call it a gastronomic tour).

Crocheting a little. A couple of days before returning to Moscow I started another warm scarf. If it's still weather appropriate, why not?

Feeling like home.

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