22 July 2012

Blanket in a week?

It's cool when your blog doesn't have readers: you don't feel sorry for not writing for over a month :)
Instead, you just jump in with current crochet news!

What I love about crochet is that it is so versatile. You can make everything, from a bracelet or a cell phone cozy to a blanket. And I'm not just mentioning the latter. I'm actually DOING it. Who would have thought?
OK, it's just a baby blanket. And it's a gift. And it should be finished in about a week. Nice, isn't it? :)
I was just thinking about what I could make for a baby out of the yarn I had. And when I came up with the blanket idea, I started making it right away. It's often like that - when I have a new project, I become too enthusiastic about it.  So, it's interesting how I will manage to combine crocheting with all other serious stuff (and there's pretty much of it going on at the moment...)