15 April 2013

Cowl/hat/top pattern

It's almost May, and I'm posting a winter item again. How sad is that?
Winter finally seemed to end, snow melted (only last week!), and I already have a couple of unfinished spring projects. But for now, here's this multifunctional 100% wool number...
The pattern is very simple, and I wanted to try it for a long time. This multi-colored yarn seemed a perfect opportunity for the pattern to shine.

Here it is:

Make a chain of desired length, join with sl st - you'll be working in circle.
Row 1 and every odd row:  ch 3, *1 sc, 1 dc*, repeat between ** throughout, join with sl st
Row 2 and every even row: ch1, *1 dc, 1 sc*, repeat between ** throughout, join with sl st.

You can use any yarn you like, but make sure it is soft for a nice drape!
In my case, finished garment is about 40x40 cm (folded).
So easy, but looks quite unusual!

 The right picture is the "right" side of crochet - the one that you see when you work. But the "wrong" side, which is on the left, seems more interesting to me. Can you see alternating sc's and dc's?

Not only is this shape suitable to be worn as a hat, but as a top, too! And... as a skirt (OMG!)
I don't have a picture of that, but the customer said it was possible  :)

I promise there'll be no more wool for next six months =)
And, no more pictures of the wall in this state!