19 August 2012

New yarn & Upcoming projects

When I finally returned home after being away for 3 weeks, I was glad to find my yarn stack waiting for me! I think it's a good idea to make a speculation post to celebrate it...

This set of skeins is one of my first deliberate color combination choices (previously most of the combinations were random, based on the yarn I already had).
I pinned these ponchos 6 months ago, in the end of winter. Now it's finally the right time to begin working on them (in my own size, of course)!

I wanted the color palette for the poncho to be muted and warm and to remind of autumn - so the colors above seem right. And it's 100% wool!

All the rest are yarns for summer garments. It's still summer, right?

With this mint-colored cotton yarn I plan to make bolero. By the way, it's Japanese pattern - I find Japanese crochet to be the most dainty, tasteful and inspiring:

(Source: http://gosyo.shop.multilingualcart.com/free1.php )


Another combination: bright turquoise colors.
I don't have specific project in mind for this yarn (yet), but it should be something stripy and fun:

Absolutely no idea what to do with this. It's cotton ribbon yarn, and they had only one skein of it. Maybe some baskets or other accessories?..

And, at last, this slightly stretchy (96% lyocell 4% nylon) yarn will probably become a bikini top.

These plans will definitely keep me busy in next months, let's see what comes out!

07 August 2012

Made it! Ripple baby blanket

Not in a week, but in two - still not bad, I think :)
Mmm... those wonderful ripples.  Here's tutorial for beginners on this pattern.

The size of finished blanket is about 80x90 cm (32x36 in).
Yes, I messed up the color pattern, because I ran out of brown yarn. That's what I meant by being too enthusiastic: do now, think later. But I'll pretend that it's not a bug, it's a feature!

Anyway, I enjoyed making this blanket and its new owner is very happy.
Do you hate weaving in ends as much as I do??

Crocheting blankets is perfect for winter: when it gets big enough, you can wrap up in it and stay warm. Nice way to make long, cold winter evenings more bearable - along with hot wine and hugging cats :)

06 August 2012

05 August 2012

Pineapple skirt

Pineapple theme continues!
I finished this skirt quite a while ago, but didn't have decent pictures of me wearing it till last week.

 Here's the pattern that I used as a guideline:

Finally my passion for pineapple patterns, that was born while I was making this (and let's be honest, that was not the most successful piece pineapple-wise), came to full realization.
But I didn't want to make the skirt all-pineapple, because 1) it's too much 2) I didn't want to make it lined.
So, I alternated the pattern to save pineapples for the hem:

All the rest is done in double crochet, but I would recommend single crochet for a less see-through effect.
I had a little bit of hard time in the beginning, because I decided to use zip fastener instead of more obvious and much easier elastic waistband. But, as usual, hundreds of fittings help (although this won't be an option when I'll be crocheting something for someone other than myself!).

Overall: proud with the result! The skirt is great for hot summer days.
Can't wait for more crochet accomplishments to take place!