07 August 2012

Made it! Ripple baby blanket

Not in a week, but in two - still not bad, I think :)
Mmm... those wonderful ripples.  Here's tutorial for beginners on this pattern.

The size of finished blanket is about 80x90 cm (32x36 in).
Yes, I messed up the color pattern, because I ran out of brown yarn. That's what I meant by being too enthusiastic: do now, think later. But I'll pretend that it's not a bug, it's a feature!

Anyway, I enjoyed making this blanket and its new owner is very happy.
Do you hate weaving in ends as much as I do??

Crocheting blankets is perfect for winter: when it gets big enough, you can wrap up in it and stay warm. Nice way to make long, cold winter evenings more bearable - along with hot wine and hugging cats :)

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