25 November 2012

Winter's eve

I really, really want to live in my own house.
With a fireplace and a rocking chair. With an attic and lots of cozy and warm handmade stuff: blankets, wool socks and sweaters.
Have I already turned into a grandmother?
Or is it just winter approaching? :)
Days are short and sun never seems to rise at all... Taking pictures becomes a challenge.

 Finished warm stuff...

 Warm stuff in the making...

My stash :) (basket is from IKEA, I didn't make it myself!)

22 November 2012

When I'm in the bad mood...

 ...Best solution is to organize something.
For example, my photo database.
I know that pictures take up the largest part of my hard drive. Let's take a closer look.

First step: import everything to Lightroom. This sounds stupid, but it took me years to understand the power of this tool, and I'm starting to use it only now. Better late than never, huh?

First step of the first step: years 2011-2012, to begin with. Just 170 Gb of pictures, no more, no less. 15 thousands of them. And I need to find out if there is a couple of decent ones among them, after all.
Good luck to me.

13 November 2012

Crochet gifts

Making gifts is the best kind of crochet. I enjoy so much when things I've created make someone else happy.
Theme of wrist warmers/fingerless mittens continues!

My friend got her own pair as a part of birthday present. Now she assures that it's the best solution for cold office :)
Her lovely daughter helps to model:

 Other than the cable part, making of wrist warmers is similar to the Autumn fingerless gloves.  And the cable is based on this pattern.

That's not all: bobble stitch cowl and earflap hat, which looks huge in the picture, but actually is 0-6 months size, also met their new owners :) 

02 November 2012

What's the best thing about Moscow?
You can always take the train to Minsk from here.
And today is that happy day!