20 September 2012

Nikon D600: my thoughts

When I wrote here about D800 soon after its release, I pointed out few alternatives for myself, none of which were really satisfying - as I wanted to stay faithful to Nikon brand and didn't want to waste $3k+ on new camera body.
I've been reading rumors about D600 for months. Now it is finally announced!
D600, unlike D800, proved to be the perfect choice for me now.
I'm still happy with my D90 in all aspects, except for sensor size. But D600 is kind of an updated full-frame version of D90 - what else to wish for?

Why D600 is better than D800 (features important for me)
24MP / 36MP - 12MP is definitely not enough now, but 36? I was discouraged when I learnt about that feature of D800, and I'm glad that D600 hasn't inherited its sensor (of course it couldn't).
5.5 fps / 4.6 fps - I know that technically 4,6 fps on 36 MP is cooler, but still.
760 g / 900 g - I'm a fragile girl (D90 body weighs only 620g!). And size does matter too - look at the picture above.
$2099 / $2999 - no comment.
D600 features the same video recording quality, the same great LCD screen as D800.
So no question here. Ready to go full-frame!

08 September 2012

How to turn yarn into elephant

Six months ago I wrote here that amigurumi is definitely not for me.
Well... you probably have already guessed... I was wrong!
What comes to mind first when you think of a present to a 4-year-old girl?
Soft toy?
CROCHET soft toy!

Pattern source

I needed a cute and instantly likeable character, and I had gray yarn...
Mouse? Rabbit? Wolf?
In fact, choosing pattern wasn't easy. Probably because most of the available for free patterns are a little...weird? Well, you can see for yourself:

All I can say is WTF???

At last, I saw this Baby's Elephant, became excited and started crocheting immediately...
This is the original version:

In my implementation it has lost the cap, but acquired the bow, and by its color we can most certainly say that it's a "she" :)

The toy was made very quickly, unlike this post. I wonder if Baby Elephant is still alive, since I gave him to his new little owner  a month ago :) And maybe my sewing was not so reliable for a child's use!
Anyway, I'm ready  to make another one. Even more cute :)