28 April 2012

Pineapple monokini

When I said I hadn't worked in Minsk, I didn't mean crochet :)
Crochet swimwear is in these days, isn't it? Despite the fact that you cannot actually swim while wearing it (at least if it's made out of cotton).
I found this gorgeous, inspiring pattern via Ravelry.
Comments were a little scary, but I decided to give it a try anyway.
Well, not only it turned out to be not the easiest-to-follow pattern in the world, I also had to totally redesign it because of using much thinner yarn and being not the same size as the author :)
The lace part (which starts at row 87) was left almost as it is. I only used treble crochet instead of double crochet and ch 6 instead of ch 4 to "stretch" the pattern vertically. Also, I used larger hook for that part. As for cups and bottom, they were made completely by intuition with help of hundreds of fittings :)

I'm very satisfied with myself on making this one; I had doubts throughout the process, but liked it very much nevertheless. Plan on making lots more of such things, summer's just begun!
This yellow color just calls for a tan, so it's a good thing I'm going to the sea next week :)

24 April 2012


I have returned from 10-day vacation in Minsk. It hadn't been planned as a vacation, but turned out as one: much fun had, very little work done. I spent great deal of time socializing. I love my friends. I love the city. It's so easy to love something when you're far away from it :)

06 April 2012

Granny squares part 2: The Pillow

When I wrote first part of the grannies post, I already suspected that everything would end up with a pillowcase.

I picked a pillow in a store, and chose the most ugly one to add myself motivation for finishing it quicker. Of course I didn't think about the bright red colour that would be seen through. Even if I tried to find the most clashing colour on purpose, I couldn't have made a better choice :)

I made 16 squares - just right for one side of the pillowcase, and I didn't want to make any more, because it's boring to crochet the same squares for the second time. Maximum quantity of different squares out of 3 colours (given that every new row is of  new colour) is 18. I made a scheme for all the color combinations. Yes, I'm a nerd :)

I joined them by single crochet: at first individual ones in a row, then rows together; then added 2 rows of edging to reach desired size.

And it was time to make up my mind about what to do with the other side. I decided to make one BIG square. It came out so good (and practically in no time!), now I don't know which side is right and which side is wrong, so I guess both sides are right :)

I slip stitched them together and voila! My biggest crochet achievement to date :)

04 April 2012

St. Petersburg

All the charm of northern Baltic city.
Walking in the chilly air, sometimes under snow and rain, less frequently under sunshine - bright, but not warm.

Looking on all the ice covering rivers and canals - I think I have never seen so much ice before (not counting the ice in Baltic sea last May).

Getting really tired of being cold, starting to doubt that the spring will ever come.
Not using the Internet for 10 days (almost; I did check my iStock balance and weather forecast, and wrote one blog post).
Shopping (as you've probably understood, weather was not very suitable for outdoor activities).
Doing indoor photoshoots.

Drinking hot tea all the time.
Eating out (we call it a gastronomic tour).

Crocheting a little. A couple of days before returning to Moscow I started another warm scarf. If it's still weather appropriate, why not?

Feeling like home.