29 February 2012

Winter's end

Random pictures from last days.


16 February 2012

Leather bracelet

 I made this bracelet a couple of months ago, while practicing with 5-stranded braids. But only yesterday, with a little help from my dear husband and his pliers, it was finally finished.

14 February 2012

With all my big woolen heart

Yes, today is THAT day :)
Here's my contribution to all the unbearably sweet, lovely and pink things that you can see everywhere today.

I'll be honest - it could easily be my first and last project of this kind. All the increases and decreases and constant stitch counting simply drive me crazy. So, no amigurumi for me, sadly.

Pattern source here.
The heart turned out to be 2 times bigger than it was stated in the tutorial, although I used a hook that is only 0.5 mm bigger. As I have some yarn left from this one, I definitely need to make something more subtle (and more symmetrical) and end up with a couple of hearts :)

09 February 2012

Retro inspiration

Yesterday I joined Ravelry - social network for knitters/crocheters. Should I count it as a first day of my official crochet obsession? :)
I spent last evenings with a pile of old knit/crochet magazines from mid-70's- mid-80's. It's pleasure to take a look at those vintage outfits on faded pictures, and read Soviet-style texts. Not to mention that I am overwhelmed with new information on crochet techniques, patterns etc. I love this state - head so full of ideas that I can't even sleep :)
Everything old is new again.

08 February 2012

Waiting is over

Nikon finally announced D800 (3,5 years after its predecessor D700).
What does this new toy have to offer?
Pros are obvious: full-frame Nikon camera with more than 12 MP sensor and less than $4000 price.
Let's jump to the subjective cons:
36 megapixels is way more that I need  for every rational purpose: 21 MP is enough to have XXXL images for iStock; okay, let's add a couple MP for cropping, but 36?.. Well, I understand that it isn't really a drawback. You can always switch to non-full-resolution images, so you don't have to upgrade your PC (to store and process 76 MB RAW files) and all the lenses (to resolve 36 MP).
Only 4 frames per second in full-resolution (my D90 has 4.5) - same solution as above - switch to DX format and get 6 fps. Honestly, 4 fps seems to be enough for me.
There is no swivel screen - slightly disappointing, I think that could be fun and handy to use.

My options:
- buy D800 in a year or two
- wait for Canon response (5D Mark III) -> 5D Mark II gets cheaper -> change system and buy 5D Mark II
- buy cheap D700 (not likely because of its 12 MP sensor)
- forget about full-frame and wait for D400.

Saving money anyway :)

02 February 2012

Winter and caps

Nice weather here! Sun is bright, air sparkles and snow crunches really loud. But... It's -24°C!
So I held a contest: who's gonna make a winter cap faster?
Me and my mother participated; she won. I won, too - now I have not one, but TWO wonderful caps!

Hers, knit (pattern taken from very old book about knitting). I made the pompom!

Mine, crochet (pattern here ) - love the puff stitches :)

I can't decide which one I like better. Aren't the colors gorgeous? :)