27 October 2012

Tablet PC crochet case

A month ago we succumbed to common insanity about tablet PC's and bought one.
The thing is, it didn't have a case included. And of course I immediately decided to make one.
Handmade crochet case may not be the most convenient and multi-purpose case available, but it also doesn't cost $100. And it is certainly the most fun.

At first, I took out my summer cotton green-and-blue yarn. Then, I thought about a stitch I had been planning to use for a long time - Spike Stitch.
Crochet fabric made with this stitch is quite thick and firm - very appropriate for the purpose of tablet screen protection.
A couple of weeks later: that's what came out...

The case is in active use for a week now and feels all right :)

Now, here's a little spike stitch tutorial.

Start with a few rows of single crochet, using one color -  it's the base (or canvas) for a spike stitch. In my case, 5 rows.
Change color. Work  one usual sc into first st of new row.

Then, insert hook  one row below your working row:

And draw up a loop of the same height as the first loop on your hook:

Finish sc as usual: yarn over, pull through both loops - one spike stitch finished!

When you have mastered SP-1 (spike stitch into previous row) , try  SP-2, SP-3 and so on...
The difficult part is to find the right place to insert hook. But after a little practice it's no more a problem.
This is SP-5 (looking not very neat in the making!):

But quite OK when finished:

You can place spike stitches in specific geometric pattern, like I did, or in random order.
You can base them on sc or any other stitch (hdc, dc...).
Experiment with color combinations and don't forget to have fun :)


  1. beautiful!!! i'll try this for my tablet!

  2. I love it. It is simple but looks amazing. Thank you for posting your pattern and I can't wait to try it. I am an avid crocheter but I prefer short-term projects.

    1. Thank you, and don't forget to post the link to your creation! =)