28 April 2012

Pineapple monokini

When I said I hadn't worked in Minsk, I didn't mean crochet :)
Crochet swimwear is in these days, isn't it? Despite the fact that you cannot actually swim while wearing it (at least if it's made out of cotton).
I found this gorgeous, inspiring pattern via Ravelry.
Comments were a little scary, but I decided to give it a try anyway.
Well, not only it turned out to be not the easiest-to-follow pattern in the world, I also had to totally redesign it because of using much thinner yarn and being not the same size as the author :)
The lace part (which starts at row 87) was left almost as it is. I only used treble crochet instead of double crochet and ch 6 instead of ch 4 to "stretch" the pattern vertically. Also, I used larger hook for that part. As for cups and bottom, they were made completely by intuition with help of hundreds of fittings :)

I'm very satisfied with myself on making this one; I had doubts throughout the process, but liked it very much nevertheless. Plan on making lots more of such things, summer's just begun!
This yellow color just calls for a tan, so it's a good thing I'm going to the sea next week :)


  1. Wow this has turned out beautifully. You seem to have the figure for it so good work:) Unfortunately it would not look good on me:(

  2. I like what you have done with it! Very nice. I'm in the process of making this myself.

  3. Looks fabulous! I'm also planning on making this very soon and kept reading people's issues with the pattern. I hope I can work it out!

  4. what yarn did you end up using? i want to start this during the winter so by summer, when i go back to san diego, i have this. you did such a great job.

    1. I think the name of the yarn won't tell you much, because it's Russian. It's 100% cotton and the gauge is 26 sc's in 4 inches using 2.5 mm hook. I hope it helps, good luck with your project!

  5. im lost after row 86. could you further explain the sts to me. im on row 87. i need to know how many V sts were made??

  6. just amazing especially in this color!!
    love your blog! i added you to my GFC list!

  7. row 87 seems to be a problem to many of you. i unraveled my work so many times to figure it out.
    Here how it goes:

    row 87: ch5 here is where you turn your work to start working on the front side of the breif not on the back. the chrochetor forgot to tell us to turn our work:
    *dc in the ch1 of the next V stitch, ch2* rep *-* 2 more times ch2 skip to next ch1 space, 2dc ch1 2dc (shell). ch3 ,sc in next ch1 space, +ch4, sc in next ch1 space + rep +-+ 8 times, ch3. 2 dc ch1 2dc in next ch1 space, ch3 sc in next ch1 space, rep +-+ 9 times ch3. 2dc ch1 2dc in next ch1 space* ch2 dc in next ch1 space* rep *-* 3 more times. ch4 turn

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  9. Hello!
    Here's my version of the cups. They are made beginning from the center.
    Make a chain of 12 and sl st to the top of the piece in the place where the center of the cup should be located.Then sl st to the next st of the top and start working 1 dc in each st of ch 12. When you reach the first chain, work 4 dc in it and continue working 1 dc in each st on the other side of the chain, finishing with sl st to the base of the cup (top of the piece). That was row 1. Row 2 is similar: sl st to the next st of the base. turn. 1 dc in every st until you reach the topmost 2 dc. 2 dc in each of them. 1 dc in every st on the other side. Finish with sl st to the base. Continue like this, evenly distributing rows of dc across the top of the piece.
    I hope it helps!

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  11. Thanks so much for your help with the pattern, id love it if you could do the entire pattern but i know copyright issue but your version is different and MUCH MUCH easier to understand. ;)

  12. I am fine until row 89... do the side shells in that row get 2 shells in them? Lil confused there...

  13. Thank you so much for this! It looks amzing but Can you explain what should we do past row80? I don't get the chain 25 part :)

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  15. Hello, can someone please help me with row 95 I believe I have made a mistake somewhere and I am not sure where exactly. Please let me know if you can help soon!! I will restart again from row 86 if that is where my mistake was but I have followed all the comments on those rows..