06 April 2012

Granny squares part 2: The Pillow

When I wrote first part of the grannies post, I already suspected that everything would end up with a pillowcase.

I picked a pillow in a store, and chose the most ugly one to add myself motivation for finishing it quicker. Of course I didn't think about the bright red colour that would be seen through. Even if I tried to find the most clashing colour on purpose, I couldn't have made a better choice :)

I made 16 squares - just right for one side of the pillowcase, and I didn't want to make any more, because it's boring to crochet the same squares for the second time. Maximum quantity of different squares out of 3 colours (given that every new row is of  new colour) is 18. I made a scheme for all the color combinations. Yes, I'm a nerd :)

I joined them by single crochet: at first individual ones in a row, then rows together; then added 2 rows of edging to reach desired size.

And it was time to make up my mind about what to do with the other side. I decided to make one BIG square. It came out so good (and practically in no time!), now I don't know which side is right and which side is wrong, so I guess both sides are right :)

I slip stitched them together and voila! My biggest crochet achievement to date :)

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