16 January 2017

Slouchy Beanie: Reloaded

Hello! Well, it's been a while... But here I am with another hat - because crochet hats and scarves are pretty much the only things that I do finish when I start them. And because who doesn't want another nice beanie to brighten up short winter days? :)

And guess what? This one took me just two days, working a couple of hours a day!

I already made a beanie for myself using this pattern that I found here in 2012 (almost 5 years ago!!), and I wear it every winter since then - it still looks cool and stylish.

This time I made one as a gift.  I used thicker yarn and larger hook (6 mm instead of 4 mm), and made 14 rounds of puff stitches instead of 16. Hence the incredible speed of making! It's less slouchy, but that's not a bad thing too. Also the ribbed band is 7 stitches wide (instead of 10 sts in original pattern).

And here's 2012 me in 2012 version of hat, just for comparison =))
Have a warm and cozy winter everyone!