04 November 2015

Braided Crochet Earwarmer

Here's my turn on this nice pattern - knit-looking crochet headband/earwarmer.
I decided to make the earwarmer version (the thicker one).

Despite looking easy, the pattern turned out to be challenging. At first it just didn't work for me - I could not achieve the desired "knitted look" by alternating rows of "front loop only" and "back loop only" hdc's. It took a couple of tries and fails to understand that I've been using "center loop" instead of the "front loop"!  I figured it out only after reading this comment of the pattern's author to the original entry:

"...basically when you’re looking at the hdc and it’s 3 loops, I’m referring to them as the front, center and back. The front being the one closest to you. By only using the front or back loop it leaves the other two which gives it that “knit” look and by alternating front and back each row it keeps those extra loops on the same side."  

I also had a bit of a hard time with foundation hdc's, but eventually (after watching some video tutorials) it all worked out. And the braiding video was super helpful!
Here's the result. Is it "knitted" enough? :)

Since the original description contains not so many pictures, I decided to provide more photos for those of you who are not sure how the resulting piece will look when it's put on.

P.S. Yes-yes-yes, it's time for Christmas lights :)

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