08 February 2012

Waiting is over

Nikon finally announced D800 (3,5 years after its predecessor D700).
What does this new toy have to offer?
Pros are obvious: full-frame Nikon camera with more than 12 MP sensor and less than $4000 price.
Let's jump to the subjective cons:
36 megapixels is way more that I need  for every rational purpose: 21 MP is enough to have XXXL images for iStock; okay, let's add a couple MP for cropping, but 36?.. Well, I understand that it isn't really a drawback. You can always switch to non-full-resolution images, so you don't have to upgrade your PC (to store and process 76 MB RAW files) and all the lenses (to resolve 36 MP).
Only 4 frames per second in full-resolution (my D90 has 4.5) - same solution as above - switch to DX format and get 6 fps. Honestly, 4 fps seems to be enough for me.
There is no swivel screen - slightly disappointing, I think that could be fun and handy to use.

My options:
- buy D800 in a year or two
- wait for Canon response (5D Mark III) -> 5D Mark II gets cheaper -> change system and buy 5D Mark II
- buy cheap D700 (not likely because of its 12 MP sensor)
- forget about full-frame and wait for D400.

Saving money anyway :)

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