08 September 2012

How to turn yarn into elephant

Six months ago I wrote here that amigurumi is definitely not for me.
Well... you probably have already guessed... I was wrong!
What comes to mind first when you think of a present to a 4-year-old girl?
Soft toy?
CROCHET soft toy!

Pattern source

I needed a cute and instantly likeable character, and I had gray yarn...
Mouse? Rabbit? Wolf?
In fact, choosing pattern wasn't easy. Probably because most of the available for free patterns are a little...weird? Well, you can see for yourself:

All I can say is WTF???

At last, I saw this Baby's Elephant, became excited and started crocheting immediately...
This is the original version:

In my implementation it has lost the cap, but acquired the bow, and by its color we can most certainly say that it's a "she" :)

The toy was made very quickly, unlike this post. I wonder if Baby Elephant is still alive, since I gave him to his new little owner  a month ago :) And maybe my sewing was not so reliable for a child's use!
Anyway, I'm ready  to make another one. Even more cute :)

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  1. Живоой слоник, живой, никуда не денется! Зато им так хорошо хвастаться остальным "а это мне тетя Надя подарила!!" :)