23 June 2011

Stockholm, jag älskar dig. Part three

There were more than one best moment.
- When Swedish conductor Karin taught us pronunciation and tried to make us reproduce necessary expression:  "Men ut av alla... du... kärast mig är" - because prior to that moment we had been singing tender love song as a march =)
- When we sang Swedish folk songs together with kids at Music Gymnasium. It was really fun!
- And, of course, rehearsal at wonderful Sofia kyrkan: in its acoustics our voices sounded so heavenly (despite high notes gave the ringing in my ears).

We visited 3 museums, although only one of them is the museum in full meaning of this word.
Vasa - the museum of Epic Fail: the 17th century ship had drowned during its first voyage, then was lifted, restored and now successfully contributes money to Swedish economics.

Skansen - open-air museum of authentic architecture and fauna.

Fotografiska - not a museum at all, just an excellent photo exhibition.

A real museum is its shop: sooo much to look at, everything at completely unaffordable prices. There I drooled over Anton Corbijn's In Control and many other books and albums.

Stadhuset (City hall) - most popular way to look at Gamla Stan (Old town) from above. Usually tourists shoot from the tower photos like these (I wasn't an exception):

Gröna lund - amusement park which we hadn't visited, just looked at it from outside. But, as it has 80 meter free-fall ride, I plan to visit it next time :)

Next time, huh... Damn I want to live there!
to be continued...

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