22 November 2011

Art & Craft shopping

There are not so many things that I love about living in megapolis, but shopping, and particularly big self-service stores, is definitely one of them. Yesterday I visited Hobby supermarket. Here are the results!

- smooth for graphic pencil
- textured and very dense for watercolors
- less dense for watercolors (cheaper)
- in various neutral colors for pastels.

Guess it's enough for the rest of my life. :)

Drawing and painting accessories:

Yarn and thread (unfortunately, I haven't found very thick yarn that I wanted - probably, need to look  in specialty store)...

...and crochet hooks for (almost) every occasion:


By the way, while shopping I learnt about kinds of hobbies that I didn't even know existed - for example, soap carving. Sometimes a store is more interesting than a museum :)

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