25 January 2012

2011 Travel

I was suddenly overtaken by herd instinct and decided, like many other bloggers, to make Year End Post. In fact, January is almost over, but better late then never!
I will be specific and talk only about travelling here, because it's the part of my life that was the most successful and eventful in 2011. Nights in trains from Minsk to Moscow and back (that doesn't count as travelling, but moving from one point to another is one of my favorite parts of every journey), roadtrips with husband and friends, eleven take-offs and (luckily) eleven landings - many kilometers covered during past year, as I not only moved from Belarus to Russia, but visited 6 countries:
- Ukraine (January)
- Sweden (May)
- Poland (May)
- Lithuania (July)
- France (December)
- Thailand (December and first week of 2012)

All possible kinds of transport were used:
- by train to Lviv
- by bus to Riga and then boat to Stockholm
- by car to Krakow
- by car and ferry to Nida
- by plane to Paris and Ko Samui. And to top it off, we used motorbikes while we were in Thailand.
Not everything was bright: bad weather chased us troughout the year. In Lviv it was cold, but OK, it was January. Then in Stockholm it was extraordinary cold for the beginning of May, and rainy. Then it rained in Nida, sea was cold and we couldn't swim. In Paris it was quite warm for December, but it rained too, especially on the day when we decided to visit Disneyland. Even Thailand gave us 3 (out of 10) days of tropical rain during dry season! But I can say that in most cases our impressions were not affected by weather (not counting the enormous quantity of red-nose-photos).

I love that every set of photos has its own color palette, and the colors associate with the place in my mind.

I definitely will make a plan on travelling for the nearest future and post it later.

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