12 March 2012

T-shirt yarn

I made T-shirt yarn in November, and couldn't imagine the long and painful fate that awaited it :)
At first I was planning a bathroom rug. I made 2 attempts in that direction:
As you can see, both were a disaster. Anyway, I didn't have enough of old T-shirts for a rug of satisfying size. So I had to give up that plan.

Next, I thought of a T-shirt scarf - they were overfilling Pinterest boards at the time.
Scarf looked OK - about 12 meters of  braid, by the way. It was almost finished (a few months in that state, to tell you the truth) when I said to myself: hey, actually this yarn was made for CROCHET!
So, after tedious couple of hours of unravelling braids I again had this:

Also I had an idea in my head, inspired by these pictures from nice blog Sort of pink:

I liked the triangles on the rug and the idea of basket, so I mixed them together. Here's what I've made:

 Now I'm working on a pattern for this basket. I'll post it as soon as I can :)

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