06 June 2013

The story of renovation

It's done!
It took 3 months and some noticeable amount of money, but it's finally almost done!
(It could have been much faster.)
(But not much cheaper! At least my conscience can be clear about that part!)
(There's still no furniture in the room. Argh!)

Anyway, here's the history of renovation in mobile pictures - sorry for the abominable quality, but there's not much sense in using DSLR to capture details of hectic mess :) However, there are a couple of pics taken with DSLR in this post, can you spot them? Of course you can!

First day of action, first scraps of wallpaper torn off. It almost counts as a BEFORE picture.
Old curtains are still in place. Desk is still brown and boooring!

Heap of wallpaper scraps gets bigger:

I try to wash off old whitewash (tautology?..)
Do you see the difference? Look in the corner...

Last day of the old wooden window...

...and first days of new plastic one:

Walls are getting makeover:

Ceiling is now even and painted white.

And here comes new wallpaper...

Time for painting! (And sanding...)

Light fixture has arrived.


Radiator changes its color from sad greenish to white. The door also gets a fresh coat of paint.

My favorite process:

Desk is finally covered with 2 layers of paint and 2 layers of lacquer and temporarily relocated to another room.

New curtain rod  takes its place:

Speculating: how it's gonna look?..

Desperate attempts to move sofa out of the room:

And finally - the floor!

Yes. The door misses a handle. The curtain is too short. And the glass in the balcony door serves not to let the sunshine in, but to show off untidiness of the balcony.

Who cares? Let's bring the furniture in, invite some friends and have a party! =))

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  1. яяяяя в очереди на have a party!!