01 November 2014

Crochet Lace Top

Time to share a little totally-weather-inappropriate piece of crochet work with you.
Originally it should have been a Summer Lace Top, but since it's November already, let's rename it to Boudoir Lace top.
Because it's kinda sexy, if you ask me.

And... Now I have one question. Did I actually make this? With my own hands, really?

Well, yes, I did. =)
Unsurprisingly, it took me over a year. Or even almost two years, as I don't remember the exact date when I started... But, nevertheless, it's finished now. And quite a reason to be proud.
A very satisfying feeling. I definitely want to experience it again. And again. :)

As usual, this top was meant to be a gift to one of my friends. It fits her much better than me, but (of course) I couldn't resist taking a few pics while wearing it myself. :)

A couple of words about the pattern: cups are basically the same as in my version of Pineapple monokini, but using hdc instead of dc. I had a problem with the string ties: every one that I had made before had a nasty habit of rolling into spirals, and that seemed totally inexcusable for this project. So I had to learn how to make Romanian crochet cord, and it was the first time in my crochet "career" when I wasn't able to figure out the pattern without watching a video tutorial. It's in Italian, by the way, but it doesn't matter - you can watch it even with sound turned off. :)

The rest of the lace patterns are from all over the Internet, Japanese books and Russian forums... It took me long time before the final picture of the garment formed in my head. I guess it turned out nice in the end - not perfect, but then again, the idea of handmade is about having a soul, not about being perfect  :)

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